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Elise halsband, tahitipärlor

8000,00 kr

Hand-knotted, beautiful Tahiti pearl necklace. The pearls in this necklace are naturally silver, gray, brown and black and not dyed or treated. They are baroque in shape, with natural "circles" around the body, and boast a beautiful, rich luster. This necklace features a toggle clasp in sterling silver. The pearls are between ca 7 and 11 mm. Because pearls are a naturally occurring gems, shapes and colors may vary slightly between necklaces. Please note that you can have the clasp changed to a different style or material (18K solid gold or sterling silver for example) at no extra cost except for the possible add on of the material, should you choose a more expensive metal.

Pearls are organic gems and have a fragile surface. Due to the nature of pearls, pearls should not be worn while showering and will retain their luster and shine best if kept from direct contact with perfumed products, alcohol, lotions and makeup. Ideally, they should be kept in a fabric jewellery pouch rather than a plastic bag as they like it best where they are exposed to oxygen.

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